How to Join and pay Llandegfedd Sailing Club

We have started using a commercially available, On-Line system to administer our club subscriptions, berth fees and other aspects of club life. This WebCollect system was designed with sports clubs in mind and has a number of templates specifically for Sailing Clubs. It has reduced our admin load on the Membership Secretary and treasurer.

WebCollect is a secure site that meets all the General Data Protection Regulations. WebCollect act as Data Processors on behalf of the club. Your personal data is kept on secure servers. See the Data Policy (menu on the left or near the top of this page)

There is a step through guide as a pdf file here if you want to see what to do. Its very similar to any other on-line shopping experience, but you seem to have to provide more data AFTER you attempt to check out. Its really very simple, and when you renew its going to be even easier!

Becca's "How to use Web Collect" guide

Renewals for existing members

All current members are on the system. You should receive an email inviting you to renew your membership in February each year. You will have to set up a password through the system - we will not know it. You will then be invited to chose a subscription for membership type (Family, Junior etc) and berth fees under the "berth" tab for the subscriptions. You will be invited to add details of family members if appropriate as you go through the check-out process. Once the data is there, you should never need to start again from the beginning. If you forget your password, it has a facility to reset it for you.

  • The Main Contact should either be the main adult sailor, or a parent in case of youths/juniors
  • Please do not put in email addresses even if they exist for juniors under 16 years old - we should be communicating with the parent
  • We do not need Date of Birth for those over 25

Existing Members who are set up, please log in to WebCollect and renew subscriptions, boat berths using this button. (see Tabs for "Annual Subscriptions" and "Berths")

My LLANDEGFEDDSC Subscriptions

New members

Please use this link to WebCollect to start the Membership Process. It is identical to the above, but you will also need to provide an email address and your name. That is the only difference from existing members' renewals.

As well as annual subscriptions, you can also purchase boat berths. (see Tabs for "Annual Subscriptions" and "Berths")


Dinghy Berths

All we need is your boat type and boat number. Its very easy. We will share the minimum of data with Welsh Water in case of emergencies, so that they can contact you directly. (Boat Type, Number, Berth number and your name and phone number)

Becca's "How to use Web Collect" guide


We are set up top receive payments via the Bank Transfer System. This is the simplest method for us, and we can then reconcile your payment easily with our bank statements. All the details of Account Numbers, Sort Codes are in the information on the WebCollect web site, and in an email that the system will sent to you confirming your application to join us.

Please contact the Membership Secretary if you want to pay by cheque. Her email link is below.

Becca's "How to use Web Collect" guide

You can contact our Membership Secretary by clicking the following mail link; In the short term you will receive an acknowledgement, and then later you should receive a full reply.