Membership Details

Membership of Llandegfedd Sailing Club is cheap and easy to obtain. Membership lets you ...

  • Join in all of our races
  • Be trained by qualified Instructors
  • Be coached in racing
  • Join in our social activities and social media
  • Use the club boats
There are some things we expect in return, as this is a volunteer run club, and we have to look after safety and other issues.
  • We will require you to help on occasional working parties
  • Assist in running races and manning the safety boat
  • To use club boats unsupervised you need to be experienced or qualified

This page continues, giving costs of subscriptions, cost of the dinghy park berths so you can store your boat and some information about our communication methods to keep you informed of activities. There are follow on pages on how to sign up and pay.

Club Membership Subscriptions

Membership type 2019 fees
Family £95
Senior £35
Junior/Youth/Student £20
Affiliate No fee
Honorary None (elected by AGM)

Dinghy Park Berths

Most of our 2019 sailing club berths are allocated (February 2019). Berths are limited and as such allocation is to be agreed with the membership secretary before taking out subscription.

Note that we offer Junior berth fees at half price, even if it is the only boat for a family.

The Club and Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water have reached an agreement whereby the club will control access to 72 berths in 2019. This will contain the club's training boats, and the rest are available to club members. The boats are all together in 6 columns of 12 rows near the water. Our berth master has allocated these berths, in an equitable manner.

Once we have used all of our allotted berths, you will have to contact DCWW. Owen and his team in the Watersports Centre Office will allocate a berth, but please check with our Membership Secretary first, there is sometimes a cunning plan available.

Please note that the regulations will be the same as those standard Welsh Water ones we are used to.

The cost of these berths is.....

Club Dinghy Berths 2019 Berth fee
Permit £190
Second Craft/Junior £95
Winter Permit£25 (or £50 if you apply after 1st September)


The club has developed its communications strategy during 2018. At present there are the following main ways of sharing information;

  • "All Members" emails from or via the Membership Secretary; These will be blind copied to all known members and are a "one way" broadcast of information. It does not expose your email address to anyone and it fully complies with the new GDPR rules
  • The [llandegfeddsailingclub] Yahoo group; This is a closed email group - and is used for a lot of things where people can interact. Most club members are signed up as it is the current best way to push notices of races, events or results to everyone. Anyone can start a new topic, or contribute to existing ones. Note that it exposes your email address to others, and hence does not follow GDPR. Also American - so information is outside the EU - if we care! It is your choice to join. This is being used less and and less now.
  • Facebook; LlandegfeddSailingClub page. This is starting to be used to promote club events and activities to external interested parties. (See a window on this on the front page). It is fully accessible by anyone inside or outside the club. Facebook rules apply - this is not GDPR compliant, it is your choice to join.
  • Facebook; LlandegfeddSCJuniors page. This is starting to be used to promote Junior and Youth events and activities to our Youths and external interested parties. The target is parents of the Juniors and Youths. It is fully accessibly by anyone inside or outside the club. (See a window on this on the YOUTH page). Facebook rules apply - this is not GDPR compliant, it is your choice to join.
  • Facebook; LLSC group. This is a new closed group that will be used for internal discussions within the club. It will remain closed for club members only. It has only just started. Facebook rules apply - this is not GDPR compliant, it is your choice to join. We intend that his group will replace the Yahoo group.

The marketing of the Sailing Club is best achieved by existing members. Word of mouth is far better than any advertising. If you have any good pictures or interesting factoids, why not push them out on your own social media streams? We have plenty of space to vastly increase the club size, and there is enough water for all. We can buy more berths in the future if the need is there.

How to Join the Llandegfedd Yahoo Group

Sailing Club members are encouraged to join the Facebook LLSC group. (Existing Facebook users will know how to do this) The emailing group [llandegfeddsailingclub] supported by Yahoo! is also useful. These are restricted groups that enables all to mail or contact each other, and to receive updates on activities, results, and training opportunities.

To join Yahoo!, click and email the following address (no content needed) and follow Yahoo!'s instructions. You will need to set up a username and password. The Webmaster will need to approve your request. NOTE: you do not need to have a Yahoo email address, you can use your own if you are happy with this.

Find us on Facebook

We now have multiple presences on Facebook. The links below show the three groups.

Llandegfedd's facebook icon linkLlandegfeddSailingClub open page      Llandegfedd's Junior facebook pages icon linkLLSC Juniors open page      Llandegfedd's Closed group facebook pages icon linkLLSC Closed Group

"How to Pay"

We are using a new system called WebCollect to pay membership fees, the next page gives an overview as well as direct links to the relevant page for you. Please Click Here

You can contact our Membership Secretary by clicking the following mail link; In the short term you will receive an acknowledgement, and then later you should receive a full reply.