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We had a camera running on a start recently. Have a look at what technolgy could do for us! Its not just football and Rugby with Video Referees. Here is the still from the video. Start Video Stills

Photographs from 2019 President's Weekend. Two sets of photographs 2019 President's Photos.Part 1. Saturday was overcast and very windy for the first 2 races

2019 President's Photos, Part 2. Gill and Neil Williams took these pictures from the bank near #9 buoy. Its right at the limit of the telephoto lens. Its not at all easy to take good pictures of sailing.

A second tranche of 2019 Training showing pictures from "Better Sailing" on 11 May. (Look where the rudder is on the later shot) There are also a few pictures from Push the Boat. Here are some pictures 11 May 2019 training . Light winds.

Some 2019 Training showing pictures from a Thursday night, and "Better Sailing" on 4 May. There are also a few pictures from Push the Boat on 4, May. Try the final index page for some edited shots. Here are some pictures Early 2019 training Saturday we had an awful lot of wind. Steady F5, gusting over F6 at times


Push the Boat out was on 12 and 19 May. Here are some pictures Push The Boat Out 2018 All we needed was some wind.

ITV Coast and Country; Pictures taken whilst we were filming the ITV programme Coast and Country. This went out on ITV Wales on 25 May 2018, at 8pm.
And here is the programme itself, we are about 8 minutes in; Coast and Country

We held the CYRC on September 15th. Good winds and some sharp sailing. We have prizewinners' pictures. Councillor Val Smith presented the prizes. Cymru Youth Racing Circuit, 2018

Top Gun Sprint Races were held on 30 September. A drift and abandonement in the morning, and then Force 4 to 5 in the afternoon. 6 races with close races (and some rafts at the starts!) Rachel has some absolutely cracking close in photographs. Top Gun Races, series 4; 2018

Workshop; Slightly random pictures of our January 2018 workshop. This was a productive session, and more active than the photos show!


Pictures of low water 2006
Training in 2017

In which we see the Chief Instructor dangling on a wire, and some pictures of coaching on 12 August. As of 12 August there are two pages of thumbnails. CLick on a picture to see it larger, and then either come back or click on "next" to step through them. The following video shows how to use both hands to control the mainsheet.

Video 8


Push The Boat Out 2016
Training in 2016
Adult Improvers Training and Coaching in 2016
Stride Treglown Welsh Topper Championship 2016



Watersports Centre October 2014


Vareo & 200 Open 2013
Laser & Europe Coaching June 2013
Asymmetric Coaching in little wind, July 2013


Presidents Weekend 2007
Performance Training 2008
Performance Training Videos
The Kevin Walsh Collection
Brigitte Edwards OD 1st June
Simon Collinson Asymmetric Open & Others
Brigitte Edwards 9th August
Debbie White May 2009
Rebecca Regan, Dart Sailing July 2009
Asymmetric Open 2010. Sally, Dave & Simon
August 2011 Gill Williams
March 11th 2012 Rob Cone
Vareo Open Video
August Sailing Video
March 2010 an OD's View