Location of Llandegfedd Sailing Club's buoys

The numbered buoys start at the southern end near the dam, and are numbered from 1 to 11 in a clockwise direction around the edge of the reservoir. So buoy 1 is near the dam, and 11 is the final outer buoy, near the OD hut.

The lettered buoys go roughly along the centre line of the Reservoir, starting near the OD hut with A and going to F at the far north end. A and B are typically used as start line inner and outer marks on Wednesdays.

Doris up at the far end has a movable start line, to a pin/Dan buoy. The OD hut start line is a transit along the two masts on the OD hut. Note that they can be swung, and have been known to be pointed at 10 or 11 with Westerly winds.

See the bird's eye view or see the diagram version below.....

res_map (30K)
map of the buoys