Race Scene

Llandegfedd has a very active racing calendar with a wide variety of boat types taking part throughout the season. No matter what your racing standard you will find competitive racing at Llandegfedd. Whether you are of national standard or just starting racing, there will always be others around you to sail against in our handicap races. Typically 15 to 20 boats will take part in our mixed fleet racing.

Racing at Llandegfedd is competitive but always friendly, if you want advice or help, it's always available.

The most popular boat classes in the club are as follows:

RS Vareo

Vareo in strong wind, Photo:Nigel Tinkler

A very popular single handed class at Llandegfedd, with typically 4-6 Vareos out in their fleet. Again a wide spread of abilities from sailors in the top 3 at the Vareo Nationals to beginners at the back of the fleet.

The RS Vareo is a fast boat especially downwind when there is a blow. It has an asymmetric spinnaker that is 10sq M, quite a bit bigger than the RS 200 two man boat's!

We held the RS Vareo UK National Championship at Llandegfedd in August 2016, and hope to continue our links to this class.

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RS 100

RS100s at our relaunch regatta, 2015 Photo:Andy Howard

Another popular single handed class at Llandegfedd, with typically 4-6 100s out in their fleet. This boat is slightly more tricky to sail than a Vareo, but is remarkably similar. The boat is more expensive due to using epoxy resin (not polyester resin) which means it is lighter for the same strength. It also has a carbon fibre mast, considerably lighter. The sail plan is designed for higher speeds, and there is a choice of mainsail size, but we all use the smaller 8.4 sq m one which seems to handle better for all weights.

The RS 100 is a very fast boat downwind when there is a blow. It has an asymmetric spinnaker that is 12sq M, nearly as big as the RS 400's 14 sq m, and that's a two man boat! Upwind, they go at similar speeds to the Vareo, but are more comfortable to sail as the deck sides are more curved,

We held a really good RS 100 Open Meeting at Llandegfedd in August 2016, and hope to continue our links to this class. There was a joint RS100/Vareo meeting in July 2017.

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International Canoe

International Canoe with Spinnaker. Photo:Nigel Tinkler

Llandegfedd has the largest fleet of Asymmetric Canoes anywhere in the country with standards ranging from a Canoe World Champion to others competing at the back of the fleet. In 2014 we sent two of our sailors to Alcatraz. In fact they were competing in the World Championships in San Francisco.

In the past, two different club members have won this championship - you are sailing in good company!





Robin at Pwlhelli, courtesy of Yachts and YachtingRobin Wood is the current World Champion, 2017 to 2020, having won at Pwlhelli in windy and wavy conditions. The second of these pictures shows Robin on a calmer day at the event. This boat is in the new development class, which is narrower, 750mm wide, and does not carry the Asymmetric Spinnaker.

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Very popular with the older members, very close and competitive sailing.

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RS 200 flat out in a gale. Photo: Nigel Tinkler

Back to RS boats now with the RS200, the boat of choice for lighter family crews.This class has a highly competitive fleet at Open Meetings. Often fleets of over a hundred can be seen.

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RS400 fully commmitted. Photo:Nigel Tinkler

and finally the RS400, with a wide range of abilities and competitive sailing all through the fleet. This is a powerful boat that performs well in most winds, but is most fun when its moderately windy.

The RS "family" organises Open Meetings throughout the UK. These are often in conjunction with other classes within the RS group. For those with energy to spare there is an active social life at these meetings.

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Some other boats feature on our Youth Pages. Jump over to Youth \ Classes to find to more about Lasers, RS Fevas and Toppers.