Series Formats and Times, 2020

Sunday Racing

Now that we have a warm building to gather in, (once the roof has been repaired hopefully by Easter 2020) we are going to use it! Please check what we are doing, and come and join in discussions on all sorts of things between races on Sundays. This is a chance for the club to be sociable and exchange sailing techniques and ideas.

Most Sundays have three races - a 45 minute pursuit which will be run from the OD hut. As this is near the launching bay, it is quick to get started, and quick to get back after the race. The race will start at 12:00. . After this, we will have a break for lunch and chat in the watersports centre.

In the summer we have two series which have extra races. In these cases there are two races before lunch, and two afterwards. You can chose whether you want to do two, which two, or all four. This runs from Mid June to late September.

The Sailing Programme is the key to what happens, when.

In the afternoon we will have 2 handicap races started back-to-back. The start is to be at about 14:00, with a bit of discretion to ensure that the fleet can reach the start on time after lunch. This race is most likely to be from Penelope (the Committee Boat) at the north end of the reservoir. If there is a clean northerly wind we may in fact continue with the OD hut, or move our Committee Boat.

November Sunday Racing

In November only, we will run 2 races only, starting at 12:00. First is a pursuit, then a handicap. They will be run back-to-back. These will be run from the OD Hut as we are not allowed to sail in the the North half of the reservoir.

Wednesday Racing

On Wednesdays, there is a single Handicap or Pursuit race, as shown in the Programme. This normally starts at 18:45. The first three races in March/April, and last four races in September will be at an earlier time of 18:30 to make maximum use of the light.

Summary of Race times Most of year November
1st Race Pursuit Race 60m 1200 1200
2nd Race; Handicap About 1400 Back to Back
3rd Race; Handicap Back to Back no race
Wednesdays Race starts at 18:45 (or 18:30) n/a

Club Fleets

On Sundays, there will be a single handicap fleet start unless there are large (>15) numbers when there can be separate starts for ;

  • Asymmetric and
  • Conventional and
  • Junior.
All classes will share the same start and finish lines but will start at 5 minute intervals in the order set out above.

The full details of the procedure are described in the club Sailing Instructions. These refer to the Racing Rules of Sailing, (RRS) which can be bought or downloaded from the RYA or downloaded from www.sailing. org. This site has the International Sailing Federation and World Sailing Technical Documentation. The rules are updated (slightly) after Olympic Games, and they move around a bit so we will not provide a definitive link to them here. Search for "Racing Rules Download" on the RYA site.

Race Entry

It is the responsibility of each race entrant to check that the OD has their details so they can be included in the results. It is also good practice for the OD to check that they have names and boat types for all boats that sailed. Getting the safety boat to ask unknown crews before the race starts can avoid difficulties later. Wherever possible the OD should supply Boat Type (and rig type for Toppers and Lasers), sail numbers and helm and crew name. e.g. Laser Radial 123456, Ben Ainsley,

The course will be marked on the committee boat using the buoy numbers and letters. For land based starts the course board will be in front of the OD starting hut in a frame under the movable Start Transit masts.

The Handicap Start Sequence Wednesday and OD Hut start lights Lights
5 mins Asymmetric class 'A'

Yellow Flashing Light
4 mins Preparatory 'P'
plus Green Flashing Light
1 min Preparatory 'P' down
plus Red Flashing Light
START 'A' flag down;

Flag 'G' up

All lights off
4mins 'P' up

1 min 'P' down;

START 'G' down;

Flag 'O' up etc.

Recall Signals
Individual Recall Class flag stays up with Flag 'X' or a Green light
General Recall Flag 'First Substitute' or a Red light

Shorten Course (end of the race)
Shorten Course Flag 'S' or a Red light     

Postponement (for any reason)
Postponement Flag 'AP'     

Pursuit Times

Pursuit times can be found here, and in the OD hut and committee boat.


Remember that you (or your child) join in a race at your own risk. It is your responsibility to check the weather and boat and decide whether it is safe to sail