OD and Rescue Boat Duties

Club members will be allocated OD (Officer of the Day) duties during the season. Other duties include helping with working parties and training. These are not allocated, but help is still needed to spread the load of making the club function.

You will find the current OD Roster here. A reminder email will be sent to rostered members a few days before their duty.

Any person who is unable to attend for his/her duty must find another member to act as a substitute. If you fail to attend or provide a substitute, you will lose your best result in that sailing series.

The set-up for both Penelope (the committee boat) and the OD Hut are near identical. For club racing you can use a light system which simplifies things, or the flags. The control boxes are nearly the same, and the "ignition key" isolates all things when you turn it off and leave the boat/hut. Penelope and the OD Hut have a fixed radio installed. This should be more reliable than using the mobile radios, as they will be connected to the electricity supplies, and should work easily once powered up. Please see the Radio Procedures, which is a document at the foot of the page. The fixed radios are obvious in their use. (We think!)


  • A duty crew will normally consist of four people.
  • Each nominated person completing OD / rescue duty shall receive points equivalent to second place for series races. A helm shall only count one OD points awarded to qualify in any series. A substitute OD receives the same points. In the rare case of an OD competing in a special event, he/she will receive points equal to the average of as many of his/her best results less one required to count to qualify in the event.
  • The OD Race Results sheet is located towards the foot of this page so you an see what needs to be filled in. Copies should be available both on Penelope and in the OD Hut.

The following notes are for guidance and do not form part of the sailing instructions.