OD Roster table

The OD roster tables is removed for 2 reasons;
1 There is no sailing at the moment, so we don't need a roster
2 There is afault on the website that we are working to solve. This affects the presentation of the roster

OODs are asked to start races as indicated by the Sailing Programme. All personnel should report to the OOD no later than one hour before the start of racing. Most Sundays racing will be run from the Committee Boat. (The first race before lunch will be from the OD hut)

OODs to collect radios, test operation with the Race Officer and the Rangers. Replace them to be charged after use.

Safety Note: A rescue boat must be launched at all times and must be operated by a person with a RYA Power Boat 2 or Safety Boat Certificate!
If the wind is gusting Force 4 or above the R.I.B. must be launched!
Sailing is a water sport, please can all on duty be suitably dressed to go onto the water.

If you cannot do the duty allocated to you it is your responsibility to find a suitable substitute before race day. Please ensure they have the experience and qualifications to perform the role you were selected for.
To confirm changes please e-mail: roster@llandegfedd.org.uk