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The links on the left/above provide most of the details that experienced sailors would expect to find about our racing. This includes the racing programme, (WHEN), Sailing Instructions (HOW) and a map of the buoys (WHERE). You can also find the results if you have not jumped directly there from the front page (WHAT?). The OD register of duties is also on a page, (WHO).

A very brief summary;

  • Who can race? Any club member who can sail safely around other boats
  • When do we race? See "Programme Llandegfedd" menu link on the left. This has a list of all of our races. There is a key at the foot of the page
  • How do I join in? Ideally, talk to the Race Officer in the OD hut on the point, or on the committee boat. They will then watch out for you and make sure your name, boat number etc are recorded in the race.
  • Where is the Race Course? The first race on Sundays, and the races on Wednesday evenings are nearly always from the OD hut. The list of buoys we sail around is displayed at the foot of the mast. Subsequent races on Sunday are often from the Committee Boat Penelope towards the top end of the reservoir after lunch.
  • What do the numbers and letters mean? See Buoys in the menu on the left, where there is a map showing roughly where they all are.
  • What is the start sequence? How do I know when to go? Pursuit races you will need to know the offset time where you start - see "Handicaps" Menu. Also have a look at Race Format, which gives a set of explanations on how the start sequence runs. The governing Sailing Instructions are on the left, under "Instructions"
  • What else do I need to know? If this is all a bit daunting, why not join in the Adult Training sessions run on some Saturdays. We will run "Start Racing", "Intermediate Racing" and "Advanced Racing" courses. (See Training, Schedule) to find out which weekends these are running. Please contact us to arrange which session you want, and we will try to get enough boats to have a sensible Racing session. (Its less fun being the only boat!)

2019 Events and Summary

In between all the Top Gun Open Sprint Meetings and special events, we have racing every Sunday and on Wednesdays when it is light in the evenings. This year Wednesday racing starts on April 3rd, and runs until September 11th. Note that the three Wednesday races at the start, and the four at the end of the season have their starts a quarter of an hour early (18:30) to maximise the light available. The rest of the Handicap races start at 18:45. When we have pursuit races starting at 18:45 for the Toppers, it means that the majority of boats will start not far from 19:00.

On Sundays we have continued with the plan of a Pursuit race from the OD hut (or a committee boat fairly near there) and then have a break whilst we eat the lunch we bring with us. This has worked well and gives us a chance to talk to each other and put the world to rights before we have the next two races back to back after lunch.

The full Llandegfedd Racing Programme including start times is at Llandegfedd Programme

2019 Racing Programme days

The programme has been set and was approved by the AGM. We will run a full programme of competitive sailing, using Pursuit and Handicap Racing.

If you think you need to learn a bit more, we have Adult Coaching approximately alternate Saturdays, and Junior Coaching on Thursdays and selected weekends. Have a look under "Training" on this web site.

2019 "Top Gun" Open to Visitors days

For 2019 we are again running four Top Gun Sundays. This is a one-day mini-open meeting for all boats, and there are prizes on the day. To make a change, we have about eight very short races, "Sprints". They are on the last Sundays of alternate months. Visitors have a nominal £5 entry fee, payable to the Club. The dates are:

  • Top Gun Sunday number 1: 24th March: SPRINT racing
  • Top Gun Monday number 2: 27th May: SPRINT racing,
  • Top Gun Sunday number 3: 28th July: SPRINT racing
  • Top Gun Sunday number 4: 29th September: SPRINT racing

The format of these Top Gun days is that there are about eight short races, and one discard on the day. There is a single fleet, with all types of boats sailing together. There are prizes on the day including for First Youth

There is also a Top Gun Championship. This will be the combined results of the Top Gun Sundays, with ONE discard.

2019 Open Meetings

We have three major events this year,

  • The RS 200 Ugly Tour and RS100 Open will be on Saturday 1st June. Two fleet starts, and using the RS Association Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. All details (including results) can be found on one convenient page HERE
  • President's Regatta on 20th and 21st July. This will feature keen handicap racing. This is a 2 day regatta. The final race, weather permitting, will be for the Llandegfedd Pin. All details (including Notice of Race) can be found on one convenient page HERE
  • The South Wales Cymru Youth Racing Circuit (CYRC)
    Please see the RYA Cymru Wales web site for details of this series. Our event has been moved and is now on 13th July. You can pre-register to save time and fuss on the day HERE

The main Open Meetings will be treated to a micro-web-site with all details on one convenient page. Again, these will be in place at least a month before the meeting is due to be held.

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