Training at Llandegfedd Sailing Club

Llandegfedd Sailing Club is an RYA recognised Training Centre. This means we have been inspected by the RYA and meet their high standards for a training establishment. Details of the overall RYA training schemes is provided in the following link; RYA Training Overview Llandegfedd SC supports the sections that we find most appropriate for a small, inland sailing club, these are Dinghy Sailing, Dinghy Racing and a small amount of Powerboating sufficient to support club activities. We operate entirely with RYA Qualified volunteer Instructors and Racing Coaches who give up their spare time to contribute to the sport. They are listed on the following page; Instructors .

Training is a very important part of the club programme. There are opportunities for all to take part in training. Just think how much training our Olympic sailors do; perhaps we all should do some!!! The club normally runs one RYA Level 1 and Level 2 course for adults. Throughout the season there are improver sessions and start racing and improve your racing sessions.

  • There will be Junior Training for Beginners and their parents starting in May. (See below)
  • There will be Junior Race Coaching and Training for those who have RYA Junior Stage 3 or who successfully completed the beginners course last year, or who can already sail a triangular course by themselves.
  • There are also Adult Improvers and Coaching sessions for those who have just completed RYA Level 1 and 2, or have equivalent experience
  • We will be offering Advanced Sailing courses at weekends where you can learn to use spinnakers and handle the boats well.
  • "Improve your Racing Sessions" can be arranged.
  • We provide ongoing support to our trainees and hope they will progress to sailing as their sport of choice, buying a suitable boat and enjoying the use of the water.
  • The club also runs Power Boat Level 2 courses and may run a Safety Boat Course if there is a demand. Note that all club members are required to have a PB2 qualification in order to drive the club patrol boats. We hope that all members without PB2 will put themselves forward for a course.

There are opportunities for members to train as assistant dinghy instructors, dinghy instructors, advanced instructors, race coaches, safety boat drivers, race officers and and and other RYA courses. RYA Cymru Wales usually circulate these opportunities and often the fees are very low. This counts as continuing professional development (CPD).

Members are invited to put themselves forward for training that will benefit themselves and the club. Your own sailng could well improve as you understand things better. The club will pay up to half the fees subject to committee approval. We have a page with outlines of courses that may happen in the region each year Volunteer CPD
(It is mostly winter for volunteer courses!) Email Sarah via with requests.

Junior Training

Junior Beginners Sailing
This is a course for beginners with little or no sailing experience. You will have fun on the water and see what this Olympic Sport is all about. You will learn to sail Junior boats such as Toppers and RS Fevas.

Sessions will run at 6:30 pm to Sunset or 8:30 pm on Thursdays. Details can be found here, including how to apply to us. Junior Beginners

Make Sailing a family activity!

Again this year we are also opening our Junior sessions to parents to sail at the same time as their children. In previous years, the parents have been willing helpers on the shore. Now parents can take the opportunity to share their youngsters experiences, become competent and enjoy themselves on the water at the same time. We use the Club's Laser 2000 training boats and member's own boats for this.

Previous members wishing to join again this year and those interested in joining please contact the Training Co-ordinator for more information. Email

Junior Race Coaching

The aim of this training is to take those that can sail and encourage them to sail faster than the other boats around them. Rules, tactics are also brought in to the mix. Please follow this link and see under "Junior Race Coaching"

Race Coaching

Please contact for more info and to register your interest. This helps us plan ahead. Email

Adult Beginner Training

We normally only run one adult course per year, using our Laser 2000 training boats. The result for most people is an internationally recognised RYA Level 2 certificate. (See the Schedule page) Information about the course, is on a dedicated page Adult Beginners.

There is information on what the course entails and the clothing advised on the page with the applications forms accessible from that page (or the menu to the left) Information about Adult Beginners Sailing

Adult sailing courses overview poster.

We can train most if not all of these courses, but we will only do so if there is demand from sailors who are sufficiently good to benefit from them. After gaining an RYA Level 2 certificate, sailors need some practice before attempting the more exciting courses on racing, spinnakers etc.

Please contact for more info and to register your interest.Email

Adult Coaching and Improving sessions

The Improvers Sessions are targeted to those who can sail, and may have completed their Level 2 recently, but need some coaching and encouragement whilst sailing. These sessions bridge the gap from formal training to full on Race Coaching. We may also consider turning some of these into a more formal "level 3" course, depending upon interest shown.

Also, see the "Schedule" page Training Schedule which has some ideas about "Supervised Sailing" on Sundays. We hope to set up "Social Sailng" on Saturdays, this is a work in progress.

Powerboat Training

We train existing members to drive our PowerBoats. The main courses we run are the popular RYA Power Boat Level 2 course that permits us to drive boats on the reservoir. For those who can already drive a boat safely, and have the necessary experience, we can run a "direct assessment" half day course which contains some revision and best practice, plus an assessment of the skills displayed. The format of this is defined by the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course syllabus. Our members are required to perform Race Management and Rescue duties, and the minimal standard for Power Boat drivers at Llandegfedd is PB2.

We can also run the Safety Boat course. Many of our members already have a very good idea about how to recover a sailing dinghy, from personal experience!

There is information on what the courses entail on the Power Boating page with the applications forms accessible from that page (or the menu to the left)

Normally those wishing to join the club should contact but new members who require training are welcome and should contact or 01291 673779. If you know of anyone who would like to join as a volunteer please give them the contact details. Volunteers for some or all of the sessions are required as instructors, Power Boat drivers and beachminders. Come on join us it is really worthwhile and you never know, you might enjoy yourselves on the water.

Sarah Green Training Principal

Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water (formally Gwent Adventures) runs training courses throughout the season at the reservoir.