Health And Safety Policy & Guidance

Llandegfedd Sailing Club promotes the safe enjoyment of sailing.

Each club sailor has a duty of care for his or her own safety and is solely responsible for taking the decision whether or not to sail by taking due consideration of the prevailing and forecast weather conditions, the water temperature, any advice obtained and his or her own abilities and experience. Where the sailor is a child the decision is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

All club sailors must fully comply with safety rules of the water laid down by Welsh Water and are expected to go the aid of any sailor in difficulties where it is safe to do so.

Boats should be maintained in good order with adequate buoyancy.

Welsh Water provide rescue facilities and Llandegfedd Sailing Club provide supplementary rescue facilities during races and organised training sessions, but it is up to the individual to ascertain what cover is available at a given time. Remember even when rescue cover is available the rescue crew may not see you in difficulties or may be attending to another incidents so you may not get assistance.
If you get in trouble stay with the boat and summon assistance by arm waving or shouting.

The club meets the standards of an RYA registered training establishment.

  • All club sailors sail at their own risk.
  • A First Aid Kit is available at the Rangers' Gate Office.
  • An accident Book is held in the wet training room
  • A telephone is available at the Rangers Office (01291 673722) and many club members have mobile phones.
  • Certain Welsh Water Rangers and Watersports staff and club members have first aid training so if you need assistance speak to a ranger or a member of the club committee.

LLSC Rev 2 February 2013

If conditions are deemed too hazardous for Ranger or Watersports staff to safely carry out rescue work then the water is red flagged and no sailing can be permitted.

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