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Racing Team

This team is responsible for arranging all of the racing for us. This is from arranging which races and Open Meeting happen when, through to making sure we have accurate and timely results on the web site. In between there is a raft of things like making sure we have buoys to sail around, equipment for controlling races in the OD hut and Penelope, our Committee Boat. 

All of us have a duty to support them by being Officer of the Day (OD), Rescue Boat drivers, or assistants when we are put in the roster. 


Mark Williams; Racing Lead



Chris Smith; Roster and Results 


If you have been running races as OD, Please send the results sheets as either 

a scan or a phone photograph. to Chris. The email address is on the form or you 

can find it by looking at the Team page on the Members website




Chris Smith
Chris Smith

Amy Morley; Welsh Topper Championship Co-ordinator






Abby Rowbotham and REW Wood; Junior and Squad administration




Training Team

This team does a lot of work but if you are a racing sailor you might not see them at all! They take adult and junior sailors and can develop them right through to racing sailors. Our Instructors and Coaches are RYA certificated so they meet requirements for safety and consistent content of the training that they provide. You can contact them via this contact form;

Joanne Harris; Training Principal


Abby Rowbotham, REW Wood; Training Coordinators


Bill Jackson; Chief Instructor

Bill Jackson
Bill Jackson



Bill Jackson; Race Coaches

Bill Jackson
Bill Jackson

Will Willett; Race Coach


Jonny Everett; Race Coach


Abby Rowbotham, REW Woodr;  Child Protection Officer




Bosuns' Team

This is the team that looks after all of our equipment so we can all go sailing and racing safely You can contact them to report issues and offer help via this form;

Shaun Jones; Lead Bosun


Shaun Jones
Shaun Jones

Jeff Titmus; 

Jeff Titmus
Jeff Titmus

David Waters

David White
David White

And a large team that has recently included Richard Robb, Martin Webb, Andy Howard, Neil Williams, Chris Smith over the winter.

All club members are invited to talk to Shaun and offer help, and any specialist skills or interests, even as amateurs, could be useful when we repair and fettle things. 


Marketing and Communications Team

This team is still forming up and needs help. We should be exploiting social media more than we do now. There are other marketing channels that we should use more. The website is now under control and we are pleased that in  its new guise it is far easier to update and maintain. 

Robert Cone; Marcoms Leader

Robert Cone
Robert Cone

Andy Howard; 

Webmaster (Content)

Andy Howard
Andy Howard

Paul Freeland

Webmaster; Technical aspects of the web site
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