Welsh Vareo Championship

Its rather sad that we find that all boats in the Vareo Open are Vareos, but not who is sailing them

1stRS Vareo4862.0(5.0)
2ndRS Vareo559(3.0)
3rdRS Vareo552(5.0)
4thRS Vareo5561.04.0(6.0)
5thRS Vareo1956.06.02.0(7.0)21.014.0
6thRS Vareo56510.03.04.0(11.0)28.017.0
7thRS Vareo4844.07.08.0(10.0)29.019.0
8thRS Vareo4287.08.0(10.0)
9thRS Vareo31312.0(14.0)
10thRS Vareo5619.09.0(13.0)
11thRS Vareo3898.010.0(12.0)
12thRS Vareo340(13.0)
13thRS Vareo55011.011.09.0(13.0)44.031.0
14thRS Vareo211(15.0)
15thRS Vareo42414.015.016.0(18.0 DSQ)63.045.0
16thRS Vareo17117.017.015.0(18.0 DNF)67.049.0
17thRS Vareo39016.016.0(18.0 DNF)18.0 DNS68.050.0


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