This page consists of the newsletters in PDF format. Just remember that back at the start of these newsletters most of us had dial-up Internet Access. The speeds and bandwidth were down in 10k bits/second area, if lucky. Gradually ADSL technology came along, and in its turn that accelerated access speeds and it was possible to have large pictures, newsletters without running up enormous phone bills. Nowadays with Megabit speed and cables going to over 100 Mbit/s  the size is nearly irrelevant. Even mobile phone use can cope with large files and pictures. 

A lot of the older documents are scans from printed newsletters. The original files have been lost or are in formats that will not work with newer versions of Microsoft Office. (And as for the hand scripted newsletters….!)

2023 Newsletter

After a few years of sending newsletters as pure emails via WebCollect, here is an all singing all dancing colour old fashioned Newsletter in pdf form. I is about half a megabyte. 

September 2023 Newsletter

2020 Newsletters

March 2020 Newsletter

Our normal newsletter appears again after a while in abeyance. In fact we have sent out direct email letters since 2016 - just not filed them here.

March 2020 in Adobe Acrobat format. (167 kb) March 2020




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