Results for 2020

2020 was the year Covid-19 came along and disrupted everyone's plans. Oddly enough, once we were allowed to sail, we had high number of race entrants and some good sailing. We had limits on how many we could have on the water, 30 to include the Race Officer and rescue team. And we had to social distance so it was only families in the OD hut or the Rescue boats etc. 

Sunday Afternoons became too popular, so we took the Junior and Youths out of the lists by giving them coaching and short course racing on Sunday Mornings. This was nearly full, along with a few singlehanded boats. The Afternoons were still full, so we had a lot of boats out. Of course, no-one was allowed to go away so we had less absence through being abroad in sunny climes. 

We ran races in series, so we could all get out on the water and have a challenge. But there were limitiations. 

Because we could not take everyone in the races they wanted to sign up for, it did not seem correct to run standard formal series with an overall Club Champion. Supopse someone had been prevented from winning just because he or she had not been able to sail on the last Sunday due to the quota being full? What we did instead was provide an alternative set of prizes. 

Most Improved JuniorMilleniumJack Sims
Most Improved YouthTom Barrett plateRhys Powell
Most Persistent Junior Aliska van der Veen
Most Improved AdultPells CupRobin Freeland
SportsmanshipJack TaylorRichard Robb
Best New MemberNational StarJonny Everett
Virtual Racing (lockdown)e-Star 2020James Adams
Special AwardCovid CupMartin & Annette
Special AwardLockdown TrophySharon and Paul Freeland
Capsize Bellows and HornJackie Rhodes
Services to the ClubWoolich Rose BowlChris Smith

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