Senior Instructor Resources and forms

This page has a miscellany of useful forms, policies, and tools to administer and manage our Training Courses. At some stage it will be moved into the Members Only area, but until then it will remain as an unlinked page on the public website. 

It is aimed mostly at our Senior Instructors, but Race Coaches who organise a session will also find some of the forms and tools useful. If you are likely to need anything here, I suggest that you bookmark the page, as you will not find it on any menu or link on the website

If you want to use a form, or a policy, and realise that it is not up to date, please work with the RTC Principal and agree who will do the update and who will check it is OK. We may also need to update a club policy or the Training SOPS. This statement is not meant to damp down changes, just to ensure that they are controlled a bit and wider aspects (such as RYA inspections and SOPS) are brought up to date as well. 

At the moment, there is no particular order to these documents;

Docs to start a courseDocs to start a course
Daily risk Assessment (Very useful as it can help defuse parents who want their child to sail in atrocious weather, or vice versa) Can help decide if experienced trainees can sail, whilst beginners cannot. Daily Risk Assessment
feedback form, AdultAdult feedback
feedback form, Junior (Need to see why we need two - and if we can amalgamate)Junior feedback
Advanced Racing programme (Race Coaches?)Advanced Racing Programme
Training, Staff Briefing Staff Briefing
Boats RequiredBoats Required
Thursday night trainee grouping (handout for Instructors)Training Groups

Club Equality Policy (Need to decide if this is needed beyond the Club Constitution?) 

If so, it should be in the “About Us” set of policies

Equality Policy
Code of conduct, Trainees, parentsCode of Conduct, Participants
Code of conduct, Instructors and CoachesCode of Conduct, Instructors
Complaints Procedure and formComplaints
Covid Declaration (May 2021)Covid declaration
Docs that Trainees needDocs for Trainees
Instructor to Trainee BriefingTrainee Briefing
Photo Policy (This should be the one under Governance)Photo Policy
Course Outlines 
Combined Outlines (SOPS)All Courses
Intermediate RacingInt Racing
Start RacingStart Racing
Intermediate Racing as PDFInt Racing
Advanced racing as PDFAdvanced Racing Programme
Junior Stage 1Stage 1
Junior Stage 2Stage 2
Junior Stage 3Stage 3
Adult Level 1Level 1
Adult Level 2Level 2
Adult Level 3Level 3
Powerboat courses, PDFpowerboats
Safety BoatSafety Boat
Example Powerboat coursePower Boat course example
Documents and links for TraineesDocuments for Trainees 
Sign in sheets 
Sign in, PDFSign in pdf
Sign in, ExcelSign in
List of Instructors contactsInstructors Contacts
List of Trainee contactsTrainees Contacts
Check lists 
Trainee Safety, FevasFeva Checklists
Trainee Safety, ToppersTopper Checklist
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