Meet a Mentor - individual sailing support

training in a 2000
training in a 2000

The Club's new "Meet a Mentor" Scheme is for members who want opportunities to sail under the supervision of a Mentor to gain confidence, knowledge and experience. Sessions can take place at any agreed time on any subject, weather permitting and will last 2-4 hours.

  • The cost will be £15 per session for 1 or 2 persons.
  • Members may use their own boat or a club boat if requested ( 2000s, Fevas, Lasers, Toppers.)
  • Mentors will be qualified Dinghy Instructors. They will be volunteers.
  • It is not RYA training but a learning partnership for the session. They cannot count towards any RYA certificate.

Members can book via the WebCollect system.

For further information please use the enquiry form below or email


Mentor flow diagram
Mentor flow diagram

For more information

  1. Have a look at the questions and answers on the second page
  2. Fill in the form that goes to “Mentor”, but please provide the following information to help get an informed response;
  • What you want guidance on, and are you a beginner or advanced
  • What sort of boat do you have?
  • When is most convenient, weekdays, evenings(?), Saturdays?
  • Your phone number

And to help decide who should be your Mentor the following will help considerably; 

  • Previous sailing experience
  • Can you tack and gybe with a centre main boat
  • What you want some mentoring on
  • What boat you would like to sail ( your own boat, Club 2000, laser ilca, topper, feva, or club power boat
  • When are you available
  • Is the session just for you or is there another member or member of your family who wants to do it with you

After you have discussed what you want to do

We need to have a conversation with a chosen Instructor to arrange a date and time, and what will be covered in the sailing session. 

As we will be sailing outside of a standard LLSC training course or a race, we have to log our presence with the Llandegfedd Watersports team on arrival. They will cover our safety whilst we are on the water. 


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