Some possible Questions you might have, and their Answers

Who are Meet a Mentor Sessions for?

  • New club members;
  • Members with RYA Level 1 & 2 who would like revision and consolidation to develop confidence;
  • Other club members who want help with specific skills or problems

Who delivers the sessions?

  • One of the clubs qualified Dinghy/ Powerboat Instructors, who will act as a mentor for that session.
  • A Mentor is a more experienced/ knowledgeable person who helps to guide a less experienced/knowledgeable person, often in areas suggested by the student.

What can I learn?

  • The student should explain the skill or the area or he/she feels he needs guidance with. Can be called the objective for the session.
  • Examples:
    • familiarisation with rigging and sailing club 2000;
    • launching and beaching at Llandegfedd;
    • sail setting; de-powering and sailing in strong winds;
    • gybing without falling in;
    • how to start a race.
    • I'm not very good at keeping the boat flat.
    • I keep capsizing - help!
    • I've got PB2 but I don't feel confident driving on and off the aqua doc.
    • I'd like some refresher on use of club power boat.
    • I'd like some practice how to help dinghies and crews when on duty.

Are Club boats available?

  • If possible the student should use his/her own boat.
  • the club boats can be used: Laser 2000, Feva, Laser, Topper, powerboats. (When not otherwise in use.)

When can I have a Meet a Mentor Session?

  • We can offer sessions on some Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays am/pm, Thursday eves. or any mutually agreeable time that the reservoir is open. 
  • But as our scheme relies on our small band of volunteer instructors we cannot guarantee particular sessions will be available.
  • Also it is difficult to respond to short notice requests.

How are requests for Meet a Mentor made?

  • You can optionally start an email conversation to clarify your requests. If you want to do this,  use the contact form on the previous page.
  • The administrator will let you know who is the suggested Mentor by text, email or phone, and put them in touch with you to agree details.

How much and how do I pay?

  • It is £15 for up to 2 people.
  • The member is honour bound to pay by card through Web Collect after the session is completed.

Safety and Dress

  • Llandegfedd Watersports will be responsible for safety (as they are all of the time). They should be informed before you go afloat.
  • There may not be a club safety boat afloat during your session.
  • If you or your Mentor are concerned that safety cover is not adequate for the weather conditions and the objective, the session should be rearranged.
  • You should also be properly dressed for the weather, particularly with buoyancy aids, wind-proof anoraks and wetsuits. (Can be hired from LWS)

Evaluation of Session

  • You should discuss the success or otherwise of the session in terms of enjoyment, achievement of objective and your confidence in the skill  and sailing overall.
  • A quick email to let the Administrator would be helpful so that we can check how well the scheme is running.

Is this the same as RYA Training?

  • No. Meet a Mentor Sessions are not a course;
  • Nor structured by a syllabus nor can they count towards RYA certificates. However they are far more flexible .
  • They are bite sized student centred sessions.
  • The student decides what their objective is eg launching and beaching at Llandegfedd and the mentor tries to provide that experience in the sailing session.

How long are the sessions.?

  • The timing of the sessions is flexible and by agreement but can last up to 4 hours including time for preparation rigging and packing the boat away.

Will the Mentor come in the boat with me?

  • Probably if a double hander is being used. 
  • Probably not if a single hander is being used. Again by agreement.
  • The mentor may use a power boat to support you, if one is available.


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