Results Top Gun Series 2016

Top Gun 4, Sep 25th, Table


RS 100 8.4Mark Williams 10041.
RS Feva XLMartyn PetersAnnette Billson12353.
RS 200Sarah GreenDavid Green10475.
RS VareoChris Smith 10714.05.07.0 dnf16.016.0
Devoti D-OneJohn Burns 95810.0 dnc4.
Canoe InternationalRobin Wood 8932.08.0 dnf10.0 dnc20.020.0
RS 100 8.4Tom Powell 100410.0 dnc8.0 dnf4.022.022.0
RS 100 8.4Andy Howard 10046.010.0 dnc10.0 dnc26.026.0
RS VareoJeremy Symons 10718.0 dnf10.0 dnc10.0 dnc28.028.0

Topgun 4, Sep 25th, Times

Race 3

1stRS 100 8.4Mark Williams 100422:2130:22:160:00:00
2ndRS 200Sarah GreenDavid Green104724:0930:23:040:00:51
3rdRS Feva XLMartyn PetersAnnette Billson123528:5830:23:270:01:28
4thRS 100 8.4Tom Powell 100424:0630:24:000:01:45
5thDevoti D-OneJohn Burns 95828:1230:29:260:06:52

Race 2 

1stRS Feva XLMartyn PetersAnnette Billson123531:2730:25:280:00:00
2ndRS 200Sarah GreenDavid Green104728:0830:26:520:01:28
3rdRS 100 8.4Mark Williams 100427:2130:27:140:01:47
4thDevoti D-OneJohn Burns 95826:5630:28:070:02:32
5thRS VareoChris Smith 107123:4420:33:140:05:33

Topgun 3, Aug 31st, Table

All three races were run back to back in the afternoon in a good breeze after a flat calm in the morning prevented even launching. 

RS 100 8.4Mark Williams 10044.
RS Feva XLMartyn PetersAnnette Billson12351.
RS 100 8.4David Jarrett 10043.
Laser RadialMerrick Stanley 11362.
RS VareoAndy Howard 10715.
RS 100 8.4Bill Jackson 10046.
Laser RadialOwen Harris 11368.
RS VareoJohn Regan 10717.
RS VareoChris Smith 107110.
RS 200Sarah GreenDavid Green104718.0 dnf5.
SupernovaElfyn Morgan 10759.012.014.0 dnf35.035.0
RS 400Keith SykesMandy Sykes94312.
2000Michael EdwardsFreenc Gemes110115.
SoloMike Dean 114013.014.019.0 dnc46.046.0
RS 400Dave BranniganSandra Brannigan94319.0 dnc10.019.0 dnc48.048.0
SoloPeter Trevelyan 114011.019.0 dnc19.0 dnc49.049.0
Laser 4.7Sally Thomas 119516.015.019.0 dnc50.050.0
RS 200Liz ReganRebecca Regan104714.019.0 dnc19.0 dnc52.052.0

Top Gun 3, Aug 31st, Times

Race 3 31st July

1stRS 100 8.4Mark Williams 100432:5240:32:440:00:00
2ndLaser RadialMerrick Stanley 113637:4140:33:100:00:30
3rdRS Feva XLMartyn PetersAnnette Billson123531:1230:33:410:00:53
4thRS 100 8.4David Jarrett 100433:5940:33:510:01:07
5thLaser RadialOwen Harris 113639:5240:35:060:02:41
6thRS VareoAndy Howard 107137:5440:35:230:02:50
7thRS VareoJohn Regan 107138:5440:36:190:03:50
8thRS VareoChris Smith 107139:3040:36:530:04:26
9thRS 200Sarah GreenDavid Green104738:5540:37:100:04:39
10thRS 100 8.4Bill Jackson 100437:3940:37:300:04:47
11th2000Michael EdwardsBrigitte Edwards110133:4630:40:540:06:44
12thRS 400Keith SykesMandy Sykes94339:1740:41:390:08:25

Race 2 31st July

1stRS 100 8.4Mark Williams 100437:3640:37:270:00:00
2ndRS 100 8.4David Jarrett 100437:4640:37:370:00:10
3rdRS Feva XLMartyn PetersAnnette Billson123536:0630:38:580:01:25
4thRS 100 8.4Bill Jackson 100439:2040:39:110:01:44
5thRS 200Sarah GreenDavid Green104741:1540:39:240:02:02
6thLaser RadialMerrick Stanley 113634:2730:40:260:02:33
7thRS VareoAndy Howard 107132:2930:40:260:02:24
8thRS VareoJohn Regan 107132:5430:40:580:02:49
9thLaser RadialOwen Harris 113635:4730:42:000:03:53
10thRS 400Dave BranniganSandra Brannigan94339:4740:42:110:04:28
11thRS 400Keith SykesMandy Sykes94341:0840:43:370:05:49
12thSupernovaElfyn Morgan 107535:5430:44:320:05:42
13thRS VareoChris Smith 107135:5230:44:390:05:47
14thSoloMike Dean 114038:1430:44:430:06:13
15thLaser 4.7Sally Thomas 119529:2320:49:110:07:00
16th2000Michael EdwardsBrigitte Edwards110134:0521:01:550:13:28

Topgun 2, May 29th, Table

Sunshine and a Force 4 wind. Brilliant day for sailing, but hard work.

TopperEabha Strong Wright 13411.
RS 100 8.4Mark Williams 10042.
RS VareoJeremy Symons 10715.
RS 100 8.4John Burns 10043.
RS Feva XLMartyn PetersAnnette Bilson12359.
RS VareoAndy Howard 10716.
RS VareoAlex Howard 10718.
RS 400Dave BranniganPete Cruikshank94312.
RS 100 8.4Nigel Tinkler 10044.016.0 dnf9.029.029.0
LaserNeil Sharratt 109510.07.013.0 dnf30.030.0
EnterpriseMatt CooperAndrea Neve111313.
RS 100 8.4Dave Jarrett 100419.0 dnc19.0 dnc1.039.039.0
SoloShaun Jones 114014.010.019.0 dnc43.043.0
RS VareoBill Jackson 10717.019.0 dnc19.0 dnc45.045.0
RS 200Liz ReganRebecca/John Regan104716.0 dnf11.019.0 dnc46.046.0
RS VareoJohn Regan 107111.019.0 dnc19.0 dnc49.049.0
CometHayden 120019.0 dnc13.019.0 dnc51.051.0
RS VareoJames Boret 107119.0 dnc16.0 dnf19.0 dnc54.054.0

Top Gun 2, May 29th, Times

Race 3 29th May

1stRS 100 8.4Dave Jarrett 100440.2940.
2ndRS VareoJeremy Symons 107143.2840.40.350.00.17
3rdTopperEabha Strong Wright 134140.5930.40.450.00.26
4thRS Feva XLMartyn PetersAnnette Bilson123538.0530.
5thRS 100 8.4Mark Williams 100441.4740.41.370.01.18
6thRS VareoAlex Howard 107144.5940.
7thRS 100 8.4John Burns 100442.2840.
8thRS VareoAndy Howard 107145.3440.42.330.02.23
9thRS 100 8.4Nigel Tinkler 100443.0240.42.520.02.33
10thRS 400Dave BranniganPete Cruikshank94340.4040.
11thEnterpriseMatt CooperAndrea Neve111344.1630.

Race 2 29th May

1stTopperEabha Strong Wright 134141.4230.
2ndRS 100 8.4Mark Williams 100442.3740.
3rdRS Feva XLMartyn PetersAnnette Bilson123540.1330.
4thRS VareoJeremy Symons 107146.5640.43.490.02.32
5thRS 100 8.4John Burns 100444.0340.43.520.02.25
6thRS 400Dave BranniganPete Cruikshank94342.5440.45.300.03.48
7thLaserNeil Sharratt 109550.1840.45.560.04.54
8thRS VareoAndy Howard 107149.1540.45.590.04.51
9thRS VareoAlex Howard 107149.2540.
10thSoloShaun Jones 114042.0930.
11thRS 200Liz ReganRebecca/John Regan104740.1530.
12thEnterpriseMatt CooperAndrea Neve111346.2430.55.350.11.47
13thCometHayden 120039.2821.05.470.14.35

Top Gun 1, March 27th, Table

A windy day and not for the faint-hearted!

Top Gun

2000Simon CollinsonRob Wood11012.
RS 100 8.4Tom Powell 10041.02.03.0 dnf6.06.0
Laser StratosNeil WilliamsGill Williams10943.03.04.0 dnc10.010.0

Topgun 1, March 27th, Times

Race 3 27th March

1st2000Simon CollinsonRob Wood110123:3320:21:230:00:00

Race 2 27th March

1st2000Simon CollinsonRob Wood110135:3330:32:170:00:00
2ndRS 100 8.4Tom Powell 100434:2330:34:150:01:58
3rdLaser StratosNeil WilliamsGill Williams109438:1630:34:590:02:57

Race 1 27th March

1stRS 100 8.4Tom Powell 100429:0930:29:020:00:00
2nd2000Simon CollinsonRob Wood110133:3530:30:300:01:37
3rdLaser StratosNeil WilliamsGill Williams109426:4820:36:450:05:37
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