Racing Programme 2021

SundayMay212:00 Pre-Start, P1, H1/H2 
WednesdayMay518.30MIDDLE H1  
SundayMay912.00 MID SUMMER P1, H1/H2 
WednesdayMay1218.45MIDDLE H2  
SundayMay1612.00 MID SUMMER P2, H3/H4 
WednesdayMay1918.45MIDDLE H3  
SundayMay2312.00 MID SUMMER P3, H5/H6 
WednesdayMay2618.45MIDDLE H4  
SundayMay3012.00  TOP GUN 1 - OPEN SPRINT RACING 
WednesdayJune218.45MIDDLE H5  
SundayJune612.00 MID SUMMER P4, H7/H8 
WednesdayJune918.45MIDDLE H6  
SundayJune1312.00 MID SUMMER P5, H9/H10 
WednesdayJune1618.45MIDDLE H7  
SundayJune2012.00 MID SUMMER P6, H11/H12 
WednesdayJune2318.45MIDDLE H8  
SundayJune2712.00 MID SUMMER P7, H13/H14 
WednesdayJune3018.45MIDDLE H9  
SaturdayJuly311.00  Welsh Topper Open
SundayJuly410.30  Welsh Topper Open
SundayJuly415.00 MID SUMMER P8, H15 
WednesdayJuly718.45MIDDLE H10  
SaturdayJuly1013.00  Ugly 400/200 Open
SundayJuly1110.30  Club Day (Club racing if postponed) 
SundayJuly1812.00 LATE SUMMER P1, H1/H2 
WednesdayJuly2118.30LATE P1  
WednesdayJuly2818.30LATE P2  
SundayAugust112.00  TOP GUN 2 - OPEN SPRINT RACING 
WednesdayAugust418.30LATE P3  
SundayAugust812.00 LATE SUMMER P2, H3/H4 
WednesdayAugust1118.30LATE P4  
SundayAugust1512.00 LATE SUMMER P3, H5/H6 
WednesdayAugust1818.30LATE P5  
SundayAugust2212.00 LATE SUMMER P4, H7/H8 
WednesdayAugust2518.30LATE H1  
SundayAugust2912.00 LATE SUMMER P5, H9/H10 
WednesdaySeptember118.30LATE H2  
SundaySeptember511.00 TOP GUN 3 and OnBoardOnBoard Regatta
WednesdaySeptember818.00LATE H3  
SundaySeptember1212.00 LATE SUMMER P6, H11/H12 
WednesdaySeptember1518.00LATE H4  
SundaySeptember1912.00 LATE SUMMER P7, H13/H14 
WednesdaySeptember2217.30TWILIGHT P1  
SundaySeptember2612.00 LATE SUMMER P8, H15/H16 
WednesdaySeptember2917.30TWILIGHT P2  
SundayOctober313.00 AUTUMN P1, H1/H2 
WednesdayOctober617.00TWILIGHT P3  
SundayOctober1013.00 AUTUMN P2, H3/H4 
WednesdayOctober1317.00TWILIGHT P4  
SundayOctober1713.00 AUTUMN P3, H5/H6 
WednesdayOctober2016.45TWILIGHT P5  
SundayOctober2413.00 AUTUMN P4/H7,H8 
WednesdayOctober2716.45TWILIGHT P6  
SundayOctober3113.00 AUTUMN P5/H9,H10 
SundayNovember712.00 AUTUMN  P6/H11 
SundayNovember1412.00 AUTUMN  P7/H12 
SundayNovember2112.00 AUTUMN  P8/H13 
SundayNovember2811.30  FINAL FLING H1/H2/H3



Top Gun ChampionshipTG Sundays minus 1 to count towards Top Gun Championship.
Club ChampionshipSunday Pursuits and single fleet handicap plus Wednesday races. 50% of series + 1 to count. RYA/SI scoring
Asymmetric Championship Sunday split fleet Handicaps. 50% of series + 1 to count. RYA./SI scoring
Conventional ChampionshipSunday split fleet Handicaps. 50% of series + 1 to count. RYA/SI scoring
JuniorSomeone who on 31st December of the current membership year is under the age of 16
Youth Someone who on 31st December of the current membership year is under the age of 19 

Eligible Boats and Handicaps

All monohull dinghies up to 20 foot in length.
The results for a given helm, in one dinghy class and one rig combination will count towards series results  (see S.I.s) 
All series results for a given helm will count towards championship results. 
The Club handicaps for a given season will normally be used.

Signing On

Whilst it is not a club requirement that all competitors sign on before each race it is the responsibility of competitors to ensure that the OOD knows who is helming a given boat. Accordingly those new to the Club or not racing their usual boat must ensure the OOD is aware of names and any changes. If they do not they may not get a result. 

Pursuit Racing Results

It can sometimes be difficult for OODs to accurately establish all positions at the end of a Pursuit race so competitors should assist by noting which boat finished directly ahead and directly behind and advise the OOD accordingly.   


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